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Peppermint Essential Oil by Young Living

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Peppermint Essential Oil

$22.00 Wholesale price for Peppermint through our affiliate link at Young Living. See more info below.

Peppermint essential oil provides a familiar, recognizable scent, but Peppermint is so much more than just a nostalgic, fresh aroma. This oil can be diffused to create a stimulating, focused atmosphere for daily tasks. You can also apply it topically to create a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, which can be very soothing after hard physical activity. We recommend using Peppermint essential oil aromatically or topically anytime you want to add a pleasant variety to your routine!

15 ML

Wagner Holistic Center works in partnership with Young Living Essential Oils. This product can be available for you to purchase through our office. Just give us a call 310) 230-2145

If you are interested in purchasing this oil or any other products from Young Living please visit our affiliate website at this link. If you sign up as a member, you can purchase this oil or any products at a wholesale price.

Wholesale price for Peppermint is $22.00 and Young Living can ship directly to your address!

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