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Discovery, Recovery, Rebooting

True healing requires a transformation of consciousness. Even the simplest problem can have a meaning more than what appears by the symptom itself. A pain, cough, negative attitude, weight, skin issue or hormone imbalance are all signals of something else or is a symptom of a composite causal chain of events, choices, habits, injuries, imbalances in ones life choices.

These imbalances can be dietary, past negative choices, previous emotional traumas, past accidents, exposure to toxins, past failures, a deficiency of family blessings, past or present recreational drugs, habits, medical treatments or surgeries and the effects of brain traumas called post-concussion syndromes.

These are just a few of what a doctor must contemplate in reviewing and testing the patient. The greater the knowledge of possibilities inherent in the cause of the symptom, the greater the possibility of a true healing. Of course, a limited doctor perspective leads to palliative care and the possibility of side effects or no healing of all. This all leads to the true process of healing. There are 3 components. The first is the most important for without it the treatment is only a “shot gun” approach. This initial component must be “discovery”. The cause, the link, the combination of events and circumstances must be determined.


The discovery and explaining the discovery is the initial step of the beginning of healing. Many people heal from the discovery itself. It is the “A-ha moment” that initiates the cascade of changes that allows the body to heal. The healing is usually something entirely different than what was expected and the symptom disappeared.

The second factor is recovery. Recovery involves the process of treating the discovery. This process may include dietary modifications, chiropractic care, emotional release techniques, nutritional supplementation, reprogramming the belief systems, postural exercises, foot bio-mechanics through orthotics, homeopathy to release specific toxins, organ and glandular

function detox or rebuilding programs, inherited non-genetic programs, defensiveness to consciousness and the most important of all, neuro-kinesiology techniques to reset the neuro-reflexes that have short circuited, especially from brain traumas and concussions that might have occurred as early as childhood. With the proper sequencing of different kinds of treatment, the body begins to
believe in healing instead of adaptation processes and in doing so, the complexities of imbalances start unraveling. It is awesome to watch and partake in such a process, both from the patient’s perspective and from the doctor’s.

The third and final aspect of healing is the “reboot” process. Rebooting means the body totally lets go of a survival adaptation pattern and develops a new or renewed program. When this happens in the office after a procedure the patient becomes very weak in the extremities. They are unable to hold any resistance to testing. This lasts from 10 seconds up to 2 minutes. We call
it the “Dump”. We think of the “Dump” or “Reboot” as a miracle because it doesn’t take place in the natural process of life. The body always compensates and then adapts to stresses, always losing more and more of freedom in function and movement. Rebooting is the renewal or restoration of previous healthy neurological, immunological, and emotional responses to stress.

I have dedicated my life to this process of discovery, leaving no stone unturned. My team is on the same page, we work together for your beneficial outcome. When you come into this office expect a “discovery”, receive the therapeutic effects of the different healing techniques and allow and look forward to the “rebooting” process.

No one does it like “Wagner Holistic Center”.

Dr. Edward Wagner DC

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Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC


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In 1992, I published "Dr. Edward D. Wagner's Complete Guide to Healing the Entire Body, Mind, and Spirit", which acted as a manual for my seminars and was presented to chiropractors and other health care providers. For 25 years I ran my chiropractic clinic in Malibu and presently a Holistic Clinic in Pacific Palisades for the last 12 years. During this time I developed my system of alternative health care that provides relief from various conditions, restoring health to thousands of patients worldwide. 


For 45 years I have dedicated the direction of my practice to finding the deepest level of “the why” for each patient’s syndrome. Many times, these causes are found in layers, and must be released one at a time. The key is to continue this path until the root is found. 

It is with experience that I have found this method to be the most effective in eradicating symptoms, but even more so, in allowing the patient to have an understanding of how their condition developed and matured before the symptoms ever appeared. With this knowledge, a lifestyle or behavioral change can take place that will prevent the return of the condition or a more serious mutation of its form that would otherwise create a new disorder or disease later.
Everyone in this office looks upon this process as a means of increasing consciousness, which in the real sense is the only path to sustainable health.
I look forward to working with you and helping you on your path of self-discovery, whether it is structural, biochemical, emotional, ancestral, and/or spiritual.


Dr. Wagner serves patients at this office Monday - Saturday.

My career in the health field began when I was 21 years old, when I started working in one of the original health clubs in Southern California. This club became the first Jack La Lanne's European Health Spa. At the club, I was trained in exercise therapy and the principles of physical culture from the foremost authority, Jack La Lanne.


Soon I became a partner in the Jack La Lanne Nutrition Centers in Torrance and Rolling Hills, California. At the age of 25, I opened Wagner's Health Food Market in Venice, California and owned the store throughout my studies. Upon completing my chiropractic studies and receiving my license to practice in 1977, I decided to sell the store and concentrate my energies on treating patients and studying the advanced principles of alternative health care.


In 1979, I obtained a license in Hawaii, and in 1981 I opened Lahaina Natural Foods in Maui. The next period I spent traveling back and forth between my two practices in Malibu, California and Lahaina, Maui.

I also continued my studies, obtaining a post-graduate degree in Sports and Recreational Injuries in 1986; and I was made a Board Certified Fellow in the Academy of Clinical Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering in 1991. Further studies resulted in my being certified in Meridian Therapy and the Biomechanics of Scoliosis and related treatment. From 1988 to 1994 I mastered the energetic chiropractic system of TBM, and was awarded TBM Doctor of the year in 1992. I also became certified in multiple chiropractic techniques, eventually devising my own treatment system.

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Dr. Wagner's treatments get to the root of the issues and bring up deep emotions. If you would like share your experience in some level please leave a review for Wagner Holistic Center on Google please click the link below.

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