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Dr. Edward Wagner Lifts the bar on holistic healing


     Imagine a doctor’s office with the tranquility of a spa, overlooking the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Then again, once you enter the front door, the fab view and ultra-coziness prove the least meaningful of all the elements in this high-tech wellness institute. One look around and there is little doubt that this office takes the business of health very seriously. People come here in pain, confused by their illnesses and helpless in their fight to get and stay healthy. While some aches and pains are less serious; many health issues are long-standing and debilitating. Then, there are people coping with terminal illnesses; alone in their disease and scared of what it may bring. From Hollywood A-listers to NFL players, politicians, physicians, professionals from every field, preachers, rabbis and people like you and me—they put their trust, hope, health and life in hands of the man who founded this integrated healthcare practice. He is by all accounts one of the most renowned and foremost holistic healers in the world, and heads up a dream team of top notch wellness doctors and alternative care experts. Together they combine their years of knowledge, training and experience to solve the mysteries of a bottomless pit of symptoms, and treat health problems from A to Z. They also save lives when western medicine could not.

     Dr. Edward Wagner is one of the most intriguing people I’ve ever met. For more than 34 years—regardless of the fact that he is one of the most respected alternative healing physicians in the world (Degree in Sports & Recreational Injuries, a licensed member of the American and Californian Chiropractic Associations and Board Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering) he does not stop in his quest to restore the emotional, mental and physical health of every person who walks through his door. Wagner’s idea of patient care isn’t a list of cookie-cutter quick fixes. His plan of action entails decoding thoughts and memories, muscles, organs and joints and enlisting every symptom, past trauma and health interruption you’ve ever had, to find out why your body is angry, stressed and acting out in the form of ill health. Yes it’s true. That stream of aches and pains, chronic illness or newly diagnosed disease is not brought on by your bad luck or the hit and miss element of heredity. Your present health challenges are a direct result of the past physical injuries and emotional and mental baggage you are carrying around—and more importantly, not dealing with. The good news is that none of this is any surprise to Wagner. So get ready. You are about to embark on the most physically, mentally and spiritual well balanced period of your life.

ST: Alternative/holistic medicine has been around for a long time, still some are resistant to its life-changing and life saving benefits. What do you say to skeptics?

EW: There are two kind of resistance: #1: people who are completely medically oriented and leave no opening for discussion. And #2: people who’ve been to several natural healers, not found any answers, have given up and don’t believe in it any more. For those into the medical side of treatment, I help facilitate their treatments, making it more successful using natural methods. Over time they see a remarkable change and build trust with me. Many stay under medical care, but I protect them from the side effects and damage to their system because medical care interferes with the natural process of the body to heal itself. Sometimes, however, natural care can’t do what is needed or it takes too long, and medical care is necessary. For instance in the case of high blood pressure; natural care can lower it, but people won’t follow the regime necessary to do it, or it might take a long time to reverse the process that put their health in danger in the first place. For those we suggest they stay on medical care, but we make recommendations of alternative solutions or remedies that support it. Worse case: they feel better and have less damage from the medication. Best case: they eventually get off medication.  For those who have given up on natural care, all that is happened is they have not found the doctor who can discover the cause.


     In the 90’s, Dr. Wagner published “The Complete Guide to Healing the Entire Body, Mind and Spirit”.  This was a manual for his seminar attendees to increase their healing knowledge so they could serve their patients better.  Also in the 90’s he co-founded Macro Greens and later Miracle Reds and Macro Health bars, all sold in most health food stores and in his in-office natural Health Care Pharmacy.  All of Wagner’s products achieve what most on market shelves do not—nutritional balance—the lack of which he believes is the #1 cause of declining health. Of course, to see products on shelves in doctors offices is nothing new, but the minute you enter the sanctuary where Wagner’s products are displayed, the atmosphere calms with transformational, nurturing vibes—healing vibes that come from the love and care that went into choosing each product. Also it’s hard to miss the incredible collection of healing crystals on display—some the rarest in the world.

ST: How does stress affect our health?

EW: Most people can’t make good decisions about their health because they are too tired, weak, hurting, overwhelmed, or just don’t know what to do.  They are in a state of denial about their health, and therefore fall pray to taking prescription medications.  Many patients are on 3 to 8 meds when they come to us.  We are different.  We want to know what has left their bodies disabled, treating the causes rather than the symptoms.  Rebuilding the body, mind, and spirit requires correcting all hidden alignment issues, balancing organ and gland function, increasing the chi and how it is distributed throughout the body, clearing emotional wounds and injuries to the soul.  People are worried about an epidemic of flu coming; what I see is an epidemic of cancer on its way. I expect when this wave hits, a large percentage of the population will succumb to cancer.  There won’t even be enough facilities to handle the cases.  Don’t believe it can’t happen, look at how many people have metabolic syndrome and diabetes now, are overweight or obese.  This all happened in a decade.  Behind the cancer and pre cancer are hidden glucose problems and hormonal imbalances which lead to immunological deficiencies.  The key is that cells are becoming resistant to glucose, hormones, and nutrients.  The result is that the body can’t adapt.


The Consciousness of Healing

     The truth from which Wagner speaks is simple: it comes down to a path of consciousness; relationship with God; understanding of one’s self. He says it’s not just his job to get and keep us healthy; it’s up to each of us to invest our effort into our own health. A visit to Wagner’s office is about more than getting a treatment, Wagner and his staff seeks and defines the very causes that lead to the physical break down of the body. Some include:

• Past physical injuries.

• Past emotional wounds from abuse or loss.

• Deprivation syndromes from a lack of expressions of worthiness from parents.

• Past or present drug use.

• Dietary habits that injury the body, past and present.

• Environmental radiation exposure that unknowingly leaves life long consequences.

• Stress, toxins and lack of exposure to nature.


I believe my office is the future of natural health care and natural medicine. We look for the exact disorders in the meridian, energy, nerve, allergy, auto- immune, hormonal and chakra systems that are causing the symptoms. People respond differently to everything from food to medicine. Eating green, red, or orange vegetables may be good for some, but cause risks for others.  As for nutritional or treatment trends, they are not effective in the long run.  It takes an over all plan of elimination, regeneration and rebuilding, focusing upon the weakest links to get someone well. There is complexity of issues including emotional, heavy metals, chemicals, numerous virus that cause a break down of the body’s system that causes cancer, stress being one. When a person is under stress, the body compensates by sacrificing organs and glands; storing everything whether it’s an emotional, physical or biochemical, and it settles and settles until that organ fails; or maybe that organ decides it wants to be removed to save the rest of the body,” says Wagner.  The body only cares about survival, not fulfillment, to obtain fulfillment one must become one with the body, not disassociated”.


ST: Isn’t it unrealistic to think we can remove stress from our lives and bodies?

EW: Yes. That’s the dumbest notion of all time. People have had stress for centuries; it’s just that we have a different kind of stress. The biggest stress people have today is not having their needs or desires met. People look for perfection. They look for a dreamland life because new-age has taught them that everyone deserves everything and because we are children of God, all we have to do is clear our minds and things will come, and it’s the greatest lie of all time. I go back and remove past stresses that have accumulated, then people can adapt to their current situations. Most of my rules are opposite self-help books which people follow for years; most don’t work and people get worse and worse; most vegetarians are unhealthy because they don’t know how to do it or supplement for the inadequacies it creates.  Many unknowingly are following a way of life trying to cleanse some dark spot or emotional pain or self judgment within themselves.  A better path is to find the imbalances, weakness, and causes and correct them along with a plan to maintain health so that the inherent unique gift of each individual can blossom.


 Optimum Balance


     When dealing with individual health difficulties many center on core family health issues. A person cannot hope to balance his/her body, mind and spirit when there are unresolved family issues requiring understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love. As Wagner says, compatibility or at least understanding is essential. When the past is cleared out of the body, understanding replaces the wound, forgiveness is attainable and healing can take place.




     Wagner says that pain is a symptom of obstructed energy flow of nerve conductance, acupuncture meridians, lymphatic circulation, blood circulation, cellular communication, or connective tissue function.  He reminds us that it is our responsibility to change that part of our lifestyle that is interrupting the flow of energy. It might be that we are doing the wrong exercise program, or maybe not enough exercise; eating the wrong foods, not getting adequate nutritional supplements, living in a state of constant negative attitudes, or maybe we are refusing to release old emotional baggage and trauma. Wagner also states that certain foods cause or aggravate pain syndromes, and need to be eliminated from our diets. Here are some that may surprise you—but there are many more:

•  Pork or any meat from pork.

• Cured meats also called deli meats.

• Too many nuts. peanuts, peanut butter.

• Shrimp and shellfish.

• Corn products.

• Acid fruits like oranges, grapefruit, kiwi,

    strawberries and plums.

• Spinach, arugula, kale, chard.

• Too much garlic and onions.

• French fries and onion rings.

• Too much turkey and chicken.

 “The more the body is imbalanced, the greater degree of reactions occur: anger, resentment, jealousy and revenge,” states Wagner. “There are different emotional patterns that each person inherits. One individual may inherit the emotional state of their grandfather or their great grandfather. The next sibling could inherit the traits of the great grandmother, possibly those of incompatibility, abuse or abandonment issues. Any and all can result in present family members reacting to each other out of control. It’s accepted that emotions can be inherited, but they can also be changed through awareness and through specific emotional release techniques.”

     Wagner says that the key is to find the obstruction, why it is there, correct the cause, and then treat it.  Treatment may be advanced chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, dietary changes, supplements, emotional clearings, or energy medicine like laser therapy or any of the other machines he has. Next up, organs, glands and blood disharmonies and dysfunctions are analyzed and corrected so internal and external bodies can function in harmony and the patients’ life force is strengthened. Past emotional traumas, post traumatic stress syndromes, losses and disappointments, plus   any negative addictions, hopelessness, and depression are linked, and corrected as the body comes into alignment with the soul.

     “I’ve spent 36 years writing programs for people to regain their health, prevent crisis from developing due to neglect, and prepare patients for new onslaughts of toxins, infections, or mass consciousness fear and panic. As we deal with challenges of every day life it comes down to one simple fact: if you cannot perform physically, mentally and emotionally—then you are not healthy.” 

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