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Dr. Wagner's Newsletters

2011 - 2020

Cold + Flu vs. Covid-19

November 2020

I have noticed a pattern starting in the last 4 weeks. Instead of hearing of Covid-19 cases, I am getting a surge of phone calls with patients suffering from sore throats, bronchitis, and pneumonia. When tested, these patients showed negative for Covid-19, even with multiple tests.

There seems to be a cold and bronchitis virus coming around. Some have become severely ill, like every year in the past. Because of this, changes need to be made in our virus prevention program so as to protect the young and old.

Dr. Wagner's Ordeal

September 2020

Many of you know what happened to me nearly one month ago. Many got the story convoluted. Others have no idea. This is the real story.

Dr. Wagner's Daily Accounts of Patient's Symptoms & Treatments (PART 1 Of 3)

June 2020

I wanted to share what goes on in the Wagner Holistic Clinic. This will give you and friends an insight to the healing possibilities available. These are just a few cases which presented themselves and I was able to access the area of trauma and treated the release points to:

See Dr. Wagner's Interview hosted by Nerida Joy

April 2020

Hear Dr. Wagner DC's advice about healing and his insight on the Coronavirus -COVID19 Pandemic. Nerida Joy shares her experiences with Dr. Wagner DC over the years.


Plus, hear what future plans Dr. Wagner DC has in educational aids for people in the health care industry, like Nerida,

to help grow your business.

Connection Between Viruses & Belief Systems

April 2020

If you think about it, both viruses and belief systems are contaminants. Viruses contaminate the  cells, take over the running of the metabolic processes of the cell creating symptoms, sickness  and disease. Many times a patient's symptom complex, like weight gain, is in reality the  insidious effect of a virus. This can apply to vaccines, which are attenuated or dead viruses with  contaminants. They are injected into the body which can have adverse effects, if not  immediately, later in one's life. Belief systems that are negative or are anti-self are thought form  viruses, contaminating the true self, soul and many times even ones spirit. Either way, they are  both viral contaminants that take over parts of our physiology.

Exercise Made Easy

April 2020

It is hard enough to maintain an exercise regime when times are normal, but now with the lockdown, very few are doing anything near what is required to maintain health.  Every week that passes without exercise will require 2 weeks to get back to where you were and that is if you can overcome the inertia that sets in with the inactivity.

In addition, lack of movement has a component that seems to always follow and that is eating more and the desire for the wrong foods. In other words, exercise improves the ability to maintain a good diet and to control habits and addictions.

So the question arises, how can we turn the " cave like experience " into a healing experience? 

COVID-19 What To Do For Your Kids

March 2020

Although the Covid-19 virus appears to have little effect on the young, except for cold and flu like symptoms, it is still important to maintain their immune systems at the highest level possible for any virus or bacteria. 


Most patients do not have a regular immunity enhancing program for their children and then start one upon their child getting the sniffles or fever.  Becoming more aware of viruses leads us to  prevention rather than just a catch up treatment.

What is your stress doing to you?

March 2020

We are under new types of stress. Fear of disease, fear of social interaction, fear of economic collapse, fear of no future, fear of no return of freedom. 


Each of these concerns will accumulate in the body and the neuro-electrical systems. The body develops patterns of adaptation which interfere with the fullness of expression of life. 


Most of my patients are aware of how toxic memories of the past were inherently involved in their symptomotology. Most have gone through neuro-emotional clearings as part of our healing treatments in our office. This new stress will do the same, creating patterns which have life long detrimental effects

Data & Facts On The Coronavirus

March 2020

Most of you have been asking what the real data is on the coronavirus. How does it compare with the other flu strains and viruses that we have experienced? Is it that serious or is this being blown out of proportion by the media?


I wanted to pass along to you what one of my favorite teachers put together about the severity of this illness and hopefully it will put things into perspective for you.  This information is from Jerome Rerucha D.C.,B.S., C.S.C.S., C.H.P.S. from Performance Chiropractic & Wellness.

COVID-19- Coronavirus: To My Patients

March 2020

I have been there for my patients for every kind of crisis for the last 43 years. Whether it was wild fires, Swine Flu, Hunta Virus, Bird Flu, Valley Fever, bronchitis and pneumonia outbreaks, severe allergy seasons, insecticide spraying over the city, or the Twin Tower crisis, I came up with the treatment program that worked.

COVID-19-Coronavirus: What you need to know

March 2020

Like all viral illnesses, some people will have minimal symptoms and others will have severe responses. Some will have symptoms that drag on for months; others will only a few days. The question arises, "why such a disparity between people?"

The cause of this array of responses can only be one thing and that is the immunological system of each individual. Those that get very sick have compromised immune systems.

The Things You Should Know About Self-Prescribing

January 2020

We are increasingly exposed to self-care trends in the media and treat-yourself solutions popping up online. There are 3 risks to self-prescribing and then ordering online. I have had three professional brands write me in the last 6 months telling me that Chinese companies are replicating the products, even the labels, and selling them on Amazon. They are not made by the company and the ingredients are not the same, but the labels are identical. 

The Power Of Good Posture

November 2019

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between posture and mobility and mortality. This means that one has a better chance of living longer with fewer ailments by having good posture. In other words, the beginning of disease starts with posture breakdown. 


October 2019

Have you ever wanted to harness the power of your subconscious mind to help you achieve a goal you've been trying to reach or maybe quit some bad habit you know is keeping you from living your best life? Well now is your chance! Dr. Andrea Shakarian has recently become board certified as a Hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and she is ready to assist you in integrating your conscious and unconscious mind.


October 2019

Every day I hear patients complain about the inability to focus.  Although many times it is due to low protein intake or going too long between meals, the real cause may be a gut micobiome failure to produce neurotransmitters such as GABA and Serotonin.  

Trace Minerals

September 2019

Minerals are the key to health.  At one time, eating fresh grains, fruits and vegetables was the primary source for a full spectrum mineral supply, but that is no longer so.  Here are the reasons why mineral supplementation is essential to maintain good health and to reverse ill health.


May 2019

Sciatica is an irritation of the Sciatic Nerve, pain is felt in the low back, gluteus muscles, and down the leg.  The symptoms can be a nuisance all the way to disabling.  The causes include herniated disc, piriformis syndrome, sacroilitis or local inflammation. The average patient that comes into our office with this condition says that it slowly developed.  Some say it was immediate after lifting something heavy or awkward. In either case, I have always found the following when I examine them:

Anti-Aging & Collagen

February 2019

It is easy to find a collagen product.  It's not easy to know if it will actually work.  I have brought into the office a dozen brands over the years and none of them met my expectations, so I researched the subject fully and found the one I can rely on.  It is the Collagen that doctors and hospitals use.  It is true medical grade collagen.  It is from grass fed beef.  Most importantly, it is in a liquid form.  It doesn't have to be mixed in juice or food.  

The Doctor Of The Future

January 2019

"The doctor of the future will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, the human mind and the superiority of energy medicine in the treatment and prevention of disease".

This is and has been what I have directed my entire professional career upon. What I have learned is that this statement is "true". Nearly every condition can be at least helped if not ameliorated by techniques within this framework, usually better than any other form of treatment or can be included along with conventional treatment, improving the results of the standardized treatment.

Smoke & The Effects From Wildfire

December 2018

We have just been through one of the worst periods of unhealthy air quality.  Everyone exposed to it has suffered whether or not they are aware of it.  Besides carbon, everyone has been exposed to the chemical byproducts of that which was burned, whether plants, building materials, petroleum byproducts and synthetic compounds.  These don't even include the mass of ash and microscopic particles that were breathed in.

Mothers And Daughters

October 2018

It is so important for mothers to receive alternative health care and include their daughters.  Being a mother today is more stressful than ever, with lengthy drives to and from school, incredibly detailed schedules and the extensive demands upon the young girls, which of course, falls on the mother's back.

Is there anything better?

October 2018

Isn't it great to have an alternative health clinic that can care for so many of the injuries and ills that befall nearly everyone?  The west side of L.A. is the center for wellness care, probably over the entire world and we are at the top of the list.  For those of you who are patients or have been in the past, this is a reminder of what you have available.  

The Concussion Doctor

June 2018

Many of my patients are aware that over the last 20 years I developed the protocols for treating TBI's (Traumatic Brain Injuries) and PCS (Post Concussion Syndromes).  Last year I finished my instructional book for doctors and began a series of seminars for doctors so we could have more professionals treating patients who are in need.  The doctors who have taken the seminar are getting results on difficult conditions like never before, remarking that they are getting miracles like "Dr. Wagner". 

Flip Flops

May 2018

Summer is here and many of you or your kids will be wearing Flip Flops.  The problem is that several hours of standing and walking with flip flops leads to Plantar Fascitis plus pain in the knees, hips, and back.  Even worse, standard flip flops have been shown to cause up to 200,000 injuries per year and that is only what is reported.  Most think that an occasional wearing of them isn't harmful, but they are.  4 hours walking around misaligns the body, almost like an auto-accident.  The body doesn't just return to normal, instead a cascading effect takes place whereby the misalignments become worse and then I get the call for an adjustment.

A New Procedure Offered At Wagner Holistic Center

February 2018

I would like to inform you of a new procedure Dr. Jesse Shakarian has been trained and certified in and is helping with so many health problems that seem to be untreatable until now.  The technique is Nasal Release, and it is a method which uses an inflatable device to assist the expansion and release of the cranial sutures accessed through the nasal passages.  

A Long Term Deep Cleanse

January 2018

This is the perfect time to start a 4 month detox program. Many of you have not done a proper cleanse and it is really important to do so. Nothing is worse than having a congested, sluggish, lymph system, a liver that is overwhelmed in toxins, a gallbladder filled with sludge and muscles saturated in acid. Even worse is having a condition called "thick sticky blood".  Most of these conditions start out in the bowels whereby the microbiome slowly becomes deranged if not pathogenic. 

Can orthotics help kids?

August 2017

Childhood foot problems can have both immediate and long term effects.  During growth, the normal development of the pelvis and spine will suffer if there is a foot imbalance.  A budding athlete's skill level, even running at recess, can be significantly affected.  Later on, foot problems from childhood can interfere with adolescent or adult spinal function, which can result in poor bio mechanics and accelerated degenerative changes in the knees, hips, and spine.

Finding The Cause Of A Condition

July 2017

When a person goes to their doctor or medical facility to receive information about a symptom followed by treatment, what they get is not a reason "why", but a medical name for the symptom complex.  For example, the symptom may be muscle weakness and pain.  You get the diagnosis of "polymyalgia" and are given an anti-inflammatory medication.  All that this means is inflammation and aching in multiple muscles. The treatment is usually an anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical with innumerable potential side effects.  This is by no means finding the cause and being treated for it. A real diagnostic picture would be considering the following picture:

Children and Chiropractic

March 2017

Is your children's physical and mental health suffering because of diet, nutritional deficiencies and poor posture? Have they had sports injuries which haven't been evaluated chiropractically? Are they displaying emotions that don't make sense, are negative or have attitudes of disinterest? Are you writing it off as normal age related syndrome?


February 2017

In past articles we have described the effects of dysfunctioning organs upon the neuromuscular system and how nutritional deficiencies, enzyme deficiencies, toxins, or food intolerances can create spinal and joint misalignments through shared spinal innervation.

Why do symptoms occur in the first place? Part 1

October 2016

Have you ever wondered why your neck or back goes out while you are doing nothing or maybe your shoulder suddenly doesn't work so well or a knee feels kinked and makes you limp?  Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is "what did I just do?  Did I move wrong or lift something?  Or is it just an old joint acting up again?  An orthopedist or physical therapist will exam the site of the ailment, give a medication or possibly recommend an exercise program to correct it. This approach rarely corrects the problem and without the true correction, it continues to reoccur and life slowly becomes more restricted.  Worse yet, the individual accepts the symptom as normal aging and in doing so lives a life style under the dominion of the presumed condition.  The end result is weight gain, loss of muscle tone, generalized fatigue, dependency on medications, and eventually accepting the concept of surgery.

The Human Body Functions As A Computer

June 12, 2016

The multitudes of functions of the body work like a computer, with very specific programs for every eventuality.  Some are built in and some are developed, learned, or are constructed as the need arises.   These are called the primary survival systems.  They include the external ones which are feeding, fight/flight and reproduction.  The 4th is the internal survival system, the limbic system, which is a combination of the immune, repair, growth and cellular reproduction system.  This 4th one ties the external 3 together into a cohesive life force. 


April 3, 2016

Many patients ask, "why do I need orthotics?" These are the answers:


1. There is much more to orthotics than just adding an arch. In fact, just adding an arch without correcting the other 2 arches and checking the angle of the calcaneus (heal bone) may cause greater problems than not adding an arch.It is the balancing of the three arches and the heal bone that results in improved posture and muscle performance.  This is usually the problem with orthotics made by podiatrists and orthopedists. They don't look at the whole foot nor the whole body.

The Most Common Condition Today!

March 13, 2016

I have found a product for Attention Deficit Disorder, hyperactivity, ADHD, Stress, and anxiety.  It is good for kids and adults. It is a small capsule with a big punch. If your kids have ADHD or are hyperactive or you are under stress, then you or they need to make more dopamine (the pleasure and reward neurotransmitter) and serotonin. The key to this is L-Theanine, an amino acid which relaxes the nervous system without drowsiness and increases the Alpha waves in the brain. This ingredient alone also increases mental sharpness, decreases anxiety and promotes better sleep. The second is an Omega-3 DHA powder (micro-encapsulated) which prevents the oily fish taste and smell and increases the absorption. The 3rd ingredient is the herb Scullcap which is used to alleviate stress and anxiety as well as a nerve tonic, meaning it helps relieve nervousness, insomnia, neuralgic pain and calms agitation in children.

Why is there an epidemic of memory loss?

January 10, 2016

I get so many patients who complain that their memory is failing.  Even young adults have this condition.  This did not take place many years ago, but it is becoming an epidemic in this world we live in.  What could be the causes?  Well, I can tell you what I think from 37 years of seeing patients.  Here is a list of the most important causes of memory loss. 

An Old Subject But Important!

December 7, 2015

I wrote an article several months ago about the importance of phyto-nutrients, nutrients from plants. I made note that to eat enough fruits and vegetables would require such a volume that there would be negative effects from too much ruffage, too much fruit sugar and even worse, too much pesticides and herbicides.

A Modern Day Need For Orthotic Support

September 13, 2015

Most everyone knows that orthotics are for supporting the arches to prevent them from collapsing.  What nearly everyone doesn't know is that there are 3 arches in the feet and each has a dramatic effect on different parts of the body.  Also, properly made orthotics including specific corrections to these arches improves the neuro-coordination and proprioception systems of the body. What does this mean to you?

Understanding The "Why" Of the Condition Or Symptoms

August 2, 2015

I have dedicated my 37 years in practice to finding the "why" that caused whatever the ailment is for each patient.  I realized in school that the practice of medicine does not offer or even attempt to realize the "why" or that the "why" even exists.  Even in alternative health care practices, there may be programs and treatments offered to help one relieve their symptoms or regain their true health, but they are extremely deficient in knowing a process to get to the "why".  Most of the time there are multiple "why's" and it is ultimately important that they be unraveled in a particular order.  I have found that without releasing the "why", the problem will come back, or even worse, move to another location or develop into an entirely different expression of suffering.

Etheric Sludge

July 5, 2015

First, I want you to know what "Etheric Sludge" is.  Etheric Sludge is the build up of electromagnetic density, or we may even say electromagnetic pollution or overload. 


Examples of such are:


1. The heavy mental energy behind grief and depression

2. The high-energy electromagnetic overload behind stress

3. The electrical intensity behind anxiety

Can't I just get my vitamins, minerals and other super nutrients from food?

June 7, 2015

I hear this question daily.  The answer is an emphatic "NO".  It would take 2000 almonds to get the amount of Vitamin E that you would need per day to maintain optimum health.   The same goes for nearly every nutrient. The volume of food necessary to maintain health would be astonishing.  The first report of nutritional depletion in food was done in 1934.  Since then there has been even greater declines.  Even the nutrition of organic produce has declined dramatically since 1975.  Not only has the nutrients in food declined, but haven't you noticed that food has little taste anymore?  This is mainly due to the fact that every plant is now a hybrid meaning that the cellulose content is higher and tougher, the result is nutrient unavailability.

Do you understand Chiropractic and Natural Holistic Care?

May 31, 2015

Chiropractic is the number one natural alternative system of health care in the world.  It has become so because of its effectiveness, not because the medical field has approved it.  I will give you the understanding so you will have greater gratitude that this system of healing exists and so that you will choose to utilize it more for maintaining your health.

Are you aware of what Wagner Holistic Center has to offer?

May 2015

Once a year it seems important to refresh all my patients of what is available in our clinic.  Most of you will say "wow, I didn't know that". I am giving you a list so that something here may elicit a need you have for something or a symptom that you have allowed to go on, thinking there is nothing to do for it. 

A Need for a Paradigm Shift in Health Care Consciousness

March 2015

During my experience over 37 years as a chiropractor, I have noticed that the majority of new patients have arrived at my office after exhausting all medical care, which included a battery of tests and imagining, a variety of prescription medications, injections or perhaps surgery, often with little or no clinical benefit to the patient.  From my perspective, most of these cases involved the need for conservative care in order to rectify their problems rather than an onslaught of medical procedures. Treatment procedures like spinal adjustments, cranial therapy, acupuncture, postural exercises, electrical rehab for muscles and joints, laser therapy, light therapy, nutritional and supplementation, and stress reducing techniques are effective in most cases. 

The Wisdom Of The Body

January 2015

I hope you read the last article, "The Artichoke Effect".  There I described the difference between natural healing philosophy and the mechanistic, or rationalist philosophy of medicine.  We talked about listening to the wisdom of the body to get through the layers, eventually getting to the "heart" of the issue causing the symptoms.

The Artichoke Effect

December 2014

Many people have heard that the process of healing is like pealing an onion.  As superficial subluxations (any imbalance) are corrected, deeper ones will emerge or reveal themselves for future correction.  The reality is that the process of healing is more like an artichoke, as the healer peals away the layers of the artichoke, we get to the "heart" of the issue.  This is what I have based 37 years of the practice of healing upon.  It always proves out correct, although not all patients want to get to the heart of their issue. 


October 2014

Obesogen refers to the effect of chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and the balance of lipid metabolism that can lead to obesity, or at least fat accumulation in specific areas of the body. 

Health & Wellness

August 2014

The common health and wellness construct for the prevention of chronic disease or to give you a path out of it consists of the following:  Prescriptions of exercise first, supplements second, diet third, rest fourth, vacations fifth, meditation and prayer last.    Many would put prayer and meditation at the top.  Anyway you construct it, for most now there are obstructions to the results that once were more than common.

Mental and Emotional Health

February 2014

Have you noticed that emotional stress reactions run in cycles? Everything will seem good but then someone in the family will break, have a small or large breakdown, and that will filter through everyone else. 

Macro Greens and Miracle Reds

December 2013

Many of you are probably not aware that I formulated Macro Greens and Miracle Reds, the best tasting and most balanced of all the Greens and Reds on the market.  The reason why I created such products is that nearly everyone is deficient in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which if you are not aware, are the key components to maintaining healthy cells. These are found in fruits and vegetables mainly, but it is impossible to obtain enough in our diet.

What are patient's saying about Dr. Wagner?

November 2013

Here is an example of the many life changing testimonials we get to hear from our patients.  This particular one has been written by Karen Hawes who met Dr. Wagner during one of his visits to France.


Thank you Karen for sharing your personal story with us. 

Why you should never use hand sanitizers

October 2013

Hand sanitizer dispensers are everywhere.  Some people carry them in their purses.  Mothers rub their children's hands multiple times per day.  People have become paranoid about getting germs.  But the reality is that the natural world is not sterile and that we are supposed to be exposed to bacteria.  It is the only way to challenge our immune system so as to adapt and develop fully.

Are you performing at your optimum?

October 2013

We are dedicated to solving your needs from everything to nutrition, anti-aging, mental and emotional balance as well as putting you on track to obtain your best physical health. This article highlights how you can begin to achieve this. Let us help you with our highly trained staff and state of the art equipment. Call us today!

Adaptation Is The Key To Health

May 2013

Have you ever given thought as to how symptoms arise or worse yet, diseases?  Most believe that diseases or symptom complexes are separate from us, foreign in nature, something that has no relationship to our being, but has come upon us like an invasion of an army on a country. How did we come up with a thought process like this?  There is only one way, and that is the inherent philosophy of the medical profession.

The Secret Weapon

May 2013

Are you aware that there is a single nutrient supplement that has profound beneficial effects on the brain, heart, and liver? This nutrient is effective in preventing and repairing stroke-related vascular damage, atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  It also improves arterial stiffness, prevents neuronal cell death, and may be the number one supplement to help in controlling Metabolic Syndrome, which includes fatty liver disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.  


February 2013

Have you ever wondered how over 10% of the US population became dependent upon anti-depressants as a solution to not feeling good? The main reason is that the US is only one of 2 countries that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to the consumer. Basically it is an indoctrination that taking a pill can solve your health problems and make you feel good with a little or no effort on your part. Even diagnostic codes have been added that have caused patients and doctors to perceive normal ordinary life experiences as certifiable mental illness.

Should You Have Surgery For Back Pain?

December 2012

How many people do you know who have back pain? This might even be you. Do some of these people or yourself say that their doctor has recommended surgery or injections or physical therapy? In reality none of these work. You or your friends should be afraid of going under the knife. Injections are only temporary and physical therapy won't work if the spinal disc is displaced or if the spinal curves are distorted. Only chiropractic is effective in most cases because it gets to the root of the problem.

Sickness Or Wellness?

October 2012

Can you afford to get sick? Sickness can reverse every dream you have, create hopelessness and despair. It can easily lead to bankruptcy. Even one person in the family becoming ill affects the entire family.

Why Does Your Body Hold Onto "Fat"?

June 2012

Why are people getting fat in the first place and why are their bodies holding on for dear life to this fat, even trapping it in fat cells. Is it because of the lack of exercise? The fact is most people don't like to exercise and those that are overweight surely don't like to. These same type of people always existed, but they weren't fat decades ago. So what has happened?

Are You Becoming A Statistic?

April 2012

As a patient or as a past patient you are unique in this country. You have had the opportunity to experience the power of natural health care. You probably took it for granted in some fashion, thinking that many or most chose or would choose this direction. But the reality is that they don't. You may even think that our country is moving in that direction. The facts are that 86 to 92% of consumers do not visit natural alternative doctors.

Protect Your Age And Control Your Weight

February 2012

The first step towards old age is sarcopenia, which means muscle wasting. It is basically the cause of being frail. Muscle wasting goes along with osteoporosis. Add brain degeneration to the mix and you get what I call old age syndrome. And what is the result of old age syndrome? It's a burden on your family or others and to yourself, hell on earth. The last 10 to 15 years of life can be so miserable that you can forget entirely all the good memories. It is just waiting for death.

What Are You Doing To Prevent Cancer?

January 2012

I recently read that 41% of the population will experience cancer within their lifetime. What a horrible thing to go through. It is a nightmare. The question is what can be done to help you stay in the 59% bracket along with giving you a sense of confidence that you are doing the right things to prevent being in the 41% category. The key is that everything you need to do is already known and available. So why doesn't everyone follow a program to prevent it from occurring?

What Are The Best Choices For Breakast?

December 2011

Prepare your schedule when your day first starts to have the greatest rate of productivity possible. Here are some suggestions to train your body to be at its most optimal rate for breakfast.

Need other suggestions or just need to get control of your stress levels?  Let us help you!


What Are The Six Worst Breakfasts?

October 2011

1. Bacon, Ham and Sausage

2. Hash browns with anything

3. Omelettes

4. French Toast

5. Muffins or pastries

6. Oatmeal


Main Causes of the Flu

August 2011

Why do some people get the flu and others do not. Of course, many will argue that it is a state of immunity, meaning one person is more resistant than another.   Based upon 34 years of experience, that is not the real reason. I have found certain foods set it off or give it to people or lay the ground substance for it. The following will almost surely give you the flu or make you more susceptible.

Pain: What Is Making You Ache?

July 2011

Pain is a symptom of obstructed energy flow, whether it be acupuncture meridians, nerve conductance, lymphatic circulation, blood circulation, cellular communication, or connective tissue communication.  It is the job of a healer, practitioner, therapist, yoga teacher, nutritionist, psychologist, energy worker, or spiritual healer to correct the energy obstruction or imbalance.  It is the responsibility of the sufferer to seek the truth of the underlying cause of the condition, or to change that part of his/her lifestyle which is involved, whether it be the wrong exercise system, not enough exercise, wrong diet, inadequate supplementation, negative attitudes, or not having the willingness to release old emotional traumas.

Confronting Your Stress And Japan "Health Alert"

March 2011

The constant watching of CNN News concerning Japan causes the brain of the observer to believe that the individual himself is going through the same plight.  This will shut down all forward motion in life.  The body is put into a survival mode which makes decision making very difficult.  Even choices to improve ones health are put on hold. I call this "decision making paralysis". 

The Consciousness of Healing

January 2011

Seeking healing is the same as pursuing a path of consciousness, a relationship with God, or even an understanding of one's self.  It is a life long process.  Healing takes time and is no different than the farmer who prepares the soil, chooses the seed, sows the seed, waters it with just the right amount of water, and then waits patiently for the harvest day using his time pulling the weeds out. 

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