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Dr. Wagner's Newsletters

5G and other Wireless Communication Effects

May 2021

Many of you are not aware that the new 5G system is causing serious imbalances in people’s adaptability to stresses. When a new source of stress is added to the plate, it breaks through the threshold of adaptability. The following are the manifestations of being exposed to a new energy field, the 5G.

Case Study of the Week ( Travel Intolerance )

May 2021

A patient who comes in regularly for health improvement and maximizing performance came in after a vacation in Hawaii. Normally he is strong, energetic and sharp mentally. After his

vacation he felt weak, out of balance and mentally off. He said he didn’t have any falls, bumps or jars during the trip. A kinesiological exam revealed multiple weaknesses which indicated a trauma to his body, but there was no trauma.

What We Do At Wagner Holistic Center

January 2021

Nearly every condition is a form of inflammation. An example would be a cardiovascular disease which is an inflammation of the epithelial lining of the blood vessels. Even the brain can be inflamed, called “Brain on Fire”. This can lead to dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, etc. There can be back pain coming from inflammation of the colon or kidneys. Right-back pain from inflammation of the Gallbladder or Liver. Left mid back pain from inflammation of the spleen or pancreas and Achilles pain from inflammation of the adrenals.

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