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What are alternative ways to stay healthy?

February 2021

Staying indoors can lead to depression of your immune system. The constant breathing of indoor air and the lack of movement will compromise nearly all aspects of the body. Lean muscle mass decreases, fat increases, lymphatics become stagnant, posture collapses, metabolism drops, lethargy increases and possibly even worse, depression sets in. Thinking that when this is over you will get back can be a dream. After becoming sedentary for a long time, it becomes very difficult and for many, impossible. It becomes a new way of life. 

What We Do At Wagner Holistic Center

January 2021

Nearly every condition is a form of inflammation. An example would be a cardiovascular disease which is an inflammation of the epithelial lining of the blood vessels. Even the brain can be inflamed, called “Brain on Fire”. This can lead to dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, etc. There can be back pain coming from inflammation of the colon or kidneys. Right-back pain from inflammation of the Gallbladder or Liver. Left mid back pain from inflammation of the spleen or pancreas and Achilles pain from inflammation of the adrenals.