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Applied Concussion Neurology Seminar - Level 1 (1)

Dr Edward Wagner, DC has remarkably been able to fine-tune the diagnosis and treatment of concussions into specific techniques for each section of the brain. This is important to chiropractors because the majority of patients have experienced a brain trauma sometime in their lives.
Applied Concussion Neurology Seminar - Level 1  (1)

Time & Location

Next Concussion Seminar Coming Soon!
Location is TBD

About the event

Dr. Wagner has spent 20 years perfecting his approach to concussions. He has created a system of tests to demonstrate the presence of a TBI that the patient has suffered sometime in their life. In teaching this concussion approach, the doctors will be able to demonstrate to their patients that their problems are related to brain injury. By using this approach doctors can achieve a crucial first step in getting patients to become excited that someone has finally found the answer to the cause of their problems and that improvement is measureable.

In this level 1 class the doctors will learn how to detect brain injury, how to communicate the relationship of the PCS with their symptoms, the seriousness of such an injury in the long run and how to get the patient to understand the process of recovery.

Each doctor will be tested, treated and shown how to integrate this valuable information into their practice immediately on Monday morning. An entire protocol of treatment procedures will be taught. Attend this class and experience the success that these methods can bring to your treatments. You will more than make up for the cost of the class many times over.

  • Pre-Registration $995.

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